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ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering)

The society of ISRM has over 8,000 members and 60 national groups. The American Rock Mechanics Association represents the rock mechanics community in the USA to ISRM.

ARMA (American Rock Mechanics ASSOCIATION)

ARMA is a professional and international engineering and scientific society, which promotes interaction among specialists, practitioners, scholars, and educators in rock mechanics and geomechanics.

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ARMA advocates for individuals and firms in all aspects of rock mechanics and geomechanics, including petroleum engineering, geophysics, civil engineering, mining engineering, geology and geological engineering.

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Civil Engineering

Mining Engineering

Geology and Geological Engineering

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ARMA UH student chapter would like to thank our sponsors. Without them, we will not exit and develop. We are new and still need your help to get prosper. We are extremely grateful if you would like to support us.

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